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insightful bloggers RWe are a collective of insightful bloggers who want to show people the other side of the ordinary narrative they've been fed for such a long time through society. Not everything is as it seems and we want to encourage people to try and understand the other side because that's the right thing to do.

Lee Williams aka “The Chronic"

My mother once told me, "Always say what's on your mind." I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I honestly believe the world is blinded by all the lies governments tell. No one knows what the truth is except me. I'm here to enlighten the world. One of the biggest lies you've been told is that the world is round. Now, if you read my articles, you'll understand that it is far from round. The world is not flat and I can prove it. I am the website writer as well. You can find me on social media as The Chronic.

David Summers aka "Rooster"

Social media is possibly the biggest community ever! Despite being a virtual space, many of us live our lives through social media. But do you ever stop and think about all the information that crosses your eyes through social media! Do you trust it? Do you mind it? Or do you believe it? Social media is a fickle place filled with misinformation. Anyone who doesn't believe that is a fool, plain and simple. I am the lead website writer. Most people know me as Rooster.

Daniel Fears aka "Blood and Fire"

They say the truth shall set you free. I say the truth shall destroy you. And that's the only truth there is. I think people demand honesty and what they need is the total opposite. What you think is right is not always what you need or what you get. And I guess everyone has to get with that program. The truth is a myth. Its only wishful thinking and it will always be. I go by the nickname Blood and Fire. I chose the nickname because it kind of represents my inherent nature. I have an acute interest in destroying things, literary and figuratively.

Cory Fisher aka "The Content Guru"

I am in charge of reporting special events for the website. You can also call me The Content Guru. I love the quote, "A great mind should be androgynous." It speaks to who I am as an individual and represents everything I believe I am a non-binary gender bender and I think people should be more open-minded. Just because you do not understand the other side, it doesn't make their opinion invalid. I love writing about trends which are not mainstream. I hope that people can be more accepting towards things or people they may not necessarily understand. After all, we are all human.

We hope that through our content, more people can embrace other people and their different beliefs and culture. Our website is a testament to the saying, "There are different kinds of love and when you recognize each in this entirety, you will know the meaning of true love. Let us know what we missed so we can add it to our site.


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