Blogging is still just a big gamble

Your blog by itself- You may think your blog isn't a likely target. However, take into account these following motivations for attackers. They all come from different sources and all for a different reason, but the message is clear- your a sitting duck if you don’t see the bigger picture. Let’s look at the sections that are big targets.

alternative to blogging VHacking-

In case you're a blogger who posts something that's considered controversial, such as politics or religion, you could be on the list of hackers. Those associated with particular political parties or religious groups that may target you for your writing.


Some hackers/attackers will hold your website as a hostage and ask you a steep fee to restore it. The truth is this type of attack is on the rise using the software called ransomware. According to the threat report 2019 by the SophosLabs, ransomware attacks are scaling millions of dollars for cyber criminals. In case you attain a huge success in your blogging venture, you could be one of the targets of these extortionists.


Many bloggers resort to unfair practices to undermine their competitors' blogs. They could send auto traffic and deter your advertisers from placing ads on your blog. In this way, your ad revenue could hurt substantially.

Your finances-

Some hackers are smart enough to gain access to personal details of bloggers through their blogs. The details taken through your blog could be leveraged to access your bank accounts. Also, they might have adequate information on your identity and open up credit under your name. After using it out, they'll leave it to you to take the hit on your credit standing when the debts go unpaid.

Your goodwill and reputation-

Many folks blog without using their actual name. Often you’ll see people using screen names or something catchy-sounding. If you happen to be one such blogger who uses their real name, someone could use your identity against you. In case you mention about your work/job, you run the risk of disciplinary actions being taken against you. For instance, if you're involved in the medical business in the US and violate the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) of 1996 by sharing details of your patients, you'll have to face fines up to about 50,000 dollars per act of violation. Although HIPAA laws might not be applicable to you, many industries have their own privacy laws. So specifying anything related to your work through your blog could invite a lot of trouble.

Your personal safety and privacy-

In the business of blogging, your personal security is at risk. If your name and/or contact details are made public via your blog (this is easier), unscrupulous marketers could inundate you with a series of junk, spam mail as well as telemarketing calls. Also, your personal safety as well as your life is at risk. Cyber bullying isn't limited to kids. Even adult, mature bloggers face this risk.

Free online games- 'A better alternative to blogging’

Instead of investing your time, efforts and money on blogging that is subjected to so many risks without real results, you can earn money as a gamer online. A lot of games exist that let players play and win handsome money. You can try your luck in these games without risking anything. In addition to this you can create a video blog on Youtube and give your opinion how the game works and uncover game secrets that might help players who try the game for real wagered money. Alternatively you can try opening an account on Twitch which supports online gamers and thus those videos can be uploaded to Youtube for added subscribers and potential ad revenue.

Benefits of playing online games over traditional blogging

Instances of hacking and bad practices by competitors are never an issue with free games. Even if you win big bucks in the game, you won't be targeted by hackers or extortionists, which is a major issue with blogging. For a perfect example free online slot games here is set-up to give anyone hours of fun thrills for nothing spent at all. The risk is next to nothing since these sites rarely collect information on you. As most of the online game site use cookies as a default setting to collect more info on who you are.

Playing free online games will not compromise with your financial security.

You'll at the most lose your time if you don't win anything in the game. Free casino games will only improve your goodwill. Even if you don't improve your playing skills, your goodwill will at least not get tarnished, which is the case with blogging. Also, your privacy isn't at risk. Instead, casino themed games will protect your privacy on the gaming platforms. A lot of handy tools are available to help you excel in any game, especially casino themed games. Within a few days, you can get proficient in gaming and make handsome money while earning a good name in the market.

Bottom line

If you compare the above risks with the risks involved in actual gambling, you'll conclude that blogging is a more risky gamble. In fact, blogging risks far outweigh gambling risks. So think twice before you get allured by the rumors of making big money through blogging. Instead, try your hands in free games and you could be the next successful game player.