Internet Bloggers and Travel Agencies

internet bloggers RSince the 1980’s, there have been countries that have been tagged openly as ‘war-torn’ areas and have continued to experience wide spread death and violence at every stage of their degradation. Some of this unrest has been caused by political instability and have ravaged that specific country. However a lot of these atrocities are only heard by people in other countries as broken and isolated news reports. Often times they might sound so fictional and so unreal, but often the truth is one aspect that is forgotten easily in this day and age.

In fact, the risk of this news is so real that, almost all countries suffering from this form of violence and terrorism- do not publicize all the happenings that actually go on in the country. Nevertheless, the state of these countries seems to have become an open door of opportunity for some people to use them as a money making venture. It’s no secret that American based travel agencies are exploiting the curiosity and compassion of Americans to make money for themselves. The plan is rather simple. They present exciting travel packages to potential clients -a travel destination that often includes war torn areas as being adventurous and exciting to visit. They often provide brochures stating and describing different cultural and aesthetic sites that the people would like to visit in these countries.

In the bid to get unwary Americans to visit these countries, they paint a picture of politically unstable nations as places that are habitable and actually have some tourist attractions and world-wonders such as the atrocious Pyramids of Giza or other 'side-of-the-road' tourist traps. Using some marketing means, these travel agencies have succeeded in putting it in the minds of people that these places are safe enough to visit, even if the US department office has warned about traveling about these areas, but to no well-meaning affect. How they succeed to get this business to run smoothly in such a bleak global climate is by taking advantage of social media through internet bloggers who propagate different kind of news and topics that all aggregate to give the notion that it is safe to travel to these violent areas.

The use of internet bloggers has since been popular, since the widespread power of the internet and its tools reach across the nation just as easy. If you didn’t know- modern Internet bloggers are people who make money from an advertisement by publicizing information that needs to be made public by most business. Much like the internet trolls they are commonly called, they distribute and promote these agencies and links to near-death as part of their payment of that service. You can see these types of ads dressed up as fluff pieces branded with a Buzzfeed or LADbible spin.

Here is a typical viral video promoting travel to Cairo in Egypt:

The authenticity of this guy is pretty down-to-earth, however he is openly advertising this online travel tour agency:

This is a large London-based agency that offers tour packages for Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan among the list of known places where terrorism and localized civil war is still raging! Now whether or not they openly pay for his travel fees and pocket money to advertise these places is merely a question, however the bigger picture shown here is that big travel agencies often look for the cheapest and poorest places to exploit. Working primarily as an information box and preparing others to distribute information that is alluring and tempting to readers. Therefore, Internet bloggers and currently Vloggers have become a great tool into the marketing of these areas as good places for traveling.

What Bloggers and Vloggers are actually saying?

The first step they commonly express is talking about these places in a good way, and exposing the richness of their culture or impressing on different traditions and arts that are looked up in different areas which need to be seen and experienced. A vivid picture of how exciting the place can be is drawn up in the readers mind and he begins to imagine visiting these areas. These bloggers are also made to talk about the excitement of satisfying your curiosity by going to see for yourself, what exactly is happening in these areas. Negative comments at the worst included ‘Petty Theft’ and what kind of ‘Street Food’ is safe to eat... A lot of people are meant to feel like they would get an adrenaline rush when they get to see firsthand what hot-topic excitement is happening in these war-torn zones.

If you haven’t heard about this recent story, these two Liberal Americans obviously didn’t believe these places weren’t safe:

While travel agencies might also run advertisements for themselves, promising clients safety and the underlying nature of a rich culture filled with unicorns and pink clouds. But then again, the fact that no amount of protection can be enough, since the use of arms and security might also be seen as a threat in the area where you find yourself and this might end up attracting violence to you. This makes traveling to these cities and countries generally unsafe in all ramifications and should not be done.

Finally, what people are told can be very elusive, there is the curiosity that often kills the cat. The travel agencies are merely looking for revenue due to the poor performance of their industry at this time.