Social Media and the role of Blogger Campaigns

In 2009, after ideas like the flat earth movement have somehow managed to fizzle out, it was resuscitated back to life by the creation of a website and social media propaganda. This has earned it massive numbers of followers these days. Other ideas like the unicorn culture and the transgender wars have continued to spike so much buzz on the internet by young people who themselves might not have so many facts to base their claims and their information. In such a sheer fact that an idea might look complicated and critical, a person might begin the movement of sharing this information until it derives significant attention on social media.

Blogger Campaigns SOther case like death reports, which include shootings and fires that have happened in the United States recently have also suffered from severe propaganda of twisted information to the public. The question we find ourselves asking how propaganda is made. Since, we find ourselves in social media today with both fake and real identities, it is important that we understand what kind of seemingly benign information distribution that we might be part of. Often more time than not, propaganda looks a bit mythical, which is either too good or too bad to be true; either way you’ll have to try checking the facts if either apply. But it is often a conscious effort by an individual to make this information public.

These actions might be taken as a form of a campaign or a decision to enlighten the world about a certain truth that a person believes that the world should know. But the foregoing would then prove that it might only be based on superstitions, crazy jokes or mere sentiments. People can decide to push certain information or ideology just for the very fact that they think that it is right, even without first trying to validate their theory. One major way that this kind of news can reach the ends of social media is when a social influencer or a seemingly credible source says something about it.

Ideas like the transgender rights have moved more people and changed the tempo of some states in the united states because some celebrities stood up to stand for it or talk about the trend. The world is flat movement was further instilled after 2009 when a popular signer Thomas Dolby joined the "Earth is Flat movement". While this action of joining might be based on their personal believes or shared sentiments, other people begin to adopt and adapt to it quickly. There is a rapid spontaneous release of information just because a credible source or individuals decides to talk about that idea. These articles didn't only attract the attention of the sober minds but from several media personalities who boosted the ideologies to an international level. They include:

1. Instinct of superstition

Humans are always oriented to some form of strong and varied beliefs. The human being is always associated at a lesser or greater degree to its ancestral beliefs- from myths of creation to what happens once they die. This instinctual behavior is seen more as a survival aspect, however, in this case- people always get thrilled by stories that are far from the normal course of events. Things like a proof of extraterrestrial life to celebrities announcing publicly how they underwent some weird sex reassignment surgeries- gets much attention as compared to the ordinary news.

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2. Too much freedom

In the modern world, people from various corners are enjoying their rights with little to no obstruction. With several human rights organizations formed, people do whatever they want, provided they don't break the laws. Such people now share rumors, their recent nightmares 8, superstitious stories; and surprisingly, they always get fans who strongly support their ideas.

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3. People are embracing who they are

According to Isabel Pederson from the University Of Ontario, the rise of the unicorn culture is just but a reflection of who we are- from the medieval narratives we shared as children to the youthful experiences. Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino made more sales than ever last spring thanks to social media and a few notable twitter personalities. Unicorn is now one of the key players in the technology sector with a reported value of over $1 billion at the end of 2017. The millennial generation is in support of this beloved mythical creature which has eventually become a symbol of success.